About Us

The MyClean Story

Our story began in 2009 when we looked around and realized that there was no easy way to book a cleaning online. Through the years, we have morphed from a simple online booking engine to a fully staffed cleaning company that embraces technology.

Our Mission

To create and keep happy homes for our clients while building sustainable careers for our team

We have an ethos to provide sustainable, fulfilling careers for our cleaners. In an industry where plenty of unfair and dubious business practices (such as unpaid overtime & travel time and below minimum-wage compensation) are the norms, MyClean instead operates on responsible business practices. This means we employ our cleaners, affording them the rights and benefits that come with that, including paid travel time, paid overtime, payroll taxes, disability insurance, workers compensation, FLSA protections, health insurance, 401k matching, etc.

Ultimately, we believe that our dual emphasis on customer experience and cleaner development is the reason why we have been able to deliver on hundreds of thousands of cleans and will always be the reason why we continue to clean, one home at a time.