7 Things You Should Be Freezing

Remove the empty food in the refrigerator

If you live in New York City or Chicago chances are you struggle both with space in your fridge, and the high cost of food. With delivery services like FreshDirect and Boxed it is easier to buy in bulk to save money, but where is it going to go?  Here are some of our favoriate freezable foods. We do suggest investing in some real freezer bags, as opposed to standard zip-seal bags, because no one likes freezer burn, but in a pinch even saran wrap will do the trick.

 Coconut milk smoothie drink with bananas on wooden background1. Coconut Milk

Coconut milk is an excellent, flavorful alternatives to dairy. No need to store the entire carton- you can pour both directly into ice trays so you can achieve a thick, flavorful smoothie without having to add in yogurt or more expensive fruits.

2. Citrus Zest

Wait! Before you cut into the lime, no matter what you’re using it for right now, zest it first and put the zest in a freezer bag. If you’re throwing away unzested peels you are wasting a precious resource. Zest can be used in baking, added to sauces for freshness, or used in any pan fried dish to add some color and flavor. The possibilities stretch to the end of your imagination and there’s nothing to lose. Try mixing zest with pepper, salt, and fresh parsley for a tasty seasoning, or with sugar to top desserts and cocktails.

Frozen grapes in a white bowl3. Grapes

Is there anything worse than a smushy grape infecting it’s pristine neighbors? The longer you let the bunch sit out the higher the likelihood becomes that you’re going to wind up with a mealy situation. Eliminate the risk by pulling them apart as soon as you get them home, setting aside the ones you want to eat, throwing away the nasties, and freezing the rest. Use them like ice cubes or as refreshing snacks.  (**HINT** great for white wine and sangria)


 4. Flour

Freeze flour in any airtight container to eliminate the risk of ants, maggots, and other undesireable infestations. It will keep indefinitely when frozen.

5. Avacados

Your can freeze avacados either as in tact halves or as a puree, but you DO need to remove the skin and pit.

Raw eggs6. Raw, cracked eggs

You can either crack individual eggs into a large ice cube tray/silicon muffin pan or freeze them together in a freezer bag. You can separate or scramble them. Do NOT freeze eggs in the shell- they will expand.




7. Overripe Bananas


overripe banana bunch


You might know that the key to flavorful banana bread is to let the bananas get fully speckled.  If your bananas get to that point though and you aren’t ready to use them, remove them from the peel and put them in a ziplock or freezer-safe bag. Zip the bag part way so air can escape and squish the bananas. This not only lets you fit more in one bag, but you eliminate a step later on.

Expert tip: When you are ready to use the bananas, put a mesh strainer over your mixing bowl, then microwave the banana mash in a separate bowl to thaw it. Put the banana in the strainer so the excess juices drips out into the bowl. Stir frequently for about 10 minutes or until you have a good amount of runoff (this will all depend on how many bananas you had in the first place).

-Cook the runoff juices in a shallow pan on medium heat so the water evaporates and you are left with a super concentrated reduction. You can use this on it’s own in cocktails or to make a sauce, or add it back into the bananas to intensify the flavor.

Check out this full recipe from Cook’s Illustrated