Summer Subway Survival Kit

Sometimes you need to arrive somewhere looking your best, but in order to get there you have to take the subway. Usually this is fine. We all do it all the time, but sometimes you have to choose between the car that is packed in like sardines, and the car that has no A.C. Neither one is ideal  but if you plan ahead you can waltz in feeling like a freshly picked daisy.

These items are meant to be the basics- the things that will get you out of a tight spot without having to buy anything you’re going to run out of quickly like gum or extra socks. Extras socks never hurt either, though.

Black draw-string pack template 1. Backpack style drawstring sports sack

This in an item that anyone who has played sports with any regularity has learned to embrace. It’s slick so it doesn’t absorb odor, is inconspicuous, and can fit a lot for it’s size.

2. Dryer sheets

Dryer sheets are cheap and absorbent and the smell is indicative of clean laundry. Use them to pat dry sweaty areas or put them right in the armpits of your clothes if you’re worried about sweat stains. Just don’t forget to take them out!


Towel3. Small washcloths

Wash cloths can help clean a spill, exfoliate for your face, dry a seat so you don’t get your bum wet, dry your hair, and generally protect you from the elements. You’ll never regret having a few on hand.

Jar of peppermint oil with peppermint leaves4. Peppermint extract

Peppermint extract is powerful, and keeping a small amount around is easier than remembering to pack gum or an extra toothbrush. Use it topically to promote energy, rub on my tongue and gums to counterbalance coffee breath, or dab on pressure points.

You can buy this in a store or make your own. Typically you will need fresh mint and any kind of cheap vodka, and and about a month of processing time.

Spray Bottles5. Spray bottle

If you get to your location feeling crumbled and unwashed, hop into to the bathroom, fill your spray bottle with water, and spray away. It’s refreshing, and it’s a lot easier than cupping water into your hands. If you think your hair could use more help, rub a SMALL amount of hand soap in it, spray it down, and vigorously towel it out with your wash cloth. Add some of your peppermint oil to the water for  all-over fresh feel.