What Makes MyClean Different: Our 2017 Mission Statement

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When you work with MyClean, we want you to know that you’re not only working with a high quality, eco-friendly cleaning service, but also with a company that works hard to integrate transparency and fairness for both our customers and our staff. It’s an unspoken truth about our industry that many companies “1099” their staff to avoid the additional expense of employing their cleaners. At MyClean, we employ our cleaners, affording them the rights and benefits that come with that, including paid travel time, paid overtime, payroll taxes, disability insurance, workers compensation, FLSA protections, and more.

Additionally, MyClean is dedicated to providing exceptional and easily accessible customer service. Our main office is in the heart of NYC so there is no need to worry about being diverted to some national or overseas call-center. We understand the challenges of urban life because we live here too. When you call 855-MYCLEAN or email contact@myclean.com  you will always be dealing with a real person. We are a small team dedicated to getting the details down and making it right when something doesn’t go exactly as planned.  At MyClean, accountability is key.

So whether you’re allowing us into your home, your business, or even just cleaning up for a move, we want you to rest easy knowing that we respect both your humanity and that of our cleaners. It is our goal to cover all the bases and provide top notch cleaning services in NYC and Chicago without losing sight of this mission.


The MyClean Team

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