Your City. Your Home.

Your City. Your Home.MyClean. (1)Whether it’s New York or Chicago and whether you came from elsewhere or grew up in the city, it can be hard to feel any real sense of ownership in a place with so much going on. It’s good to remember, though, that no one has any bigger claim to then city than you do. You’re out there¬†making it work and don’t let anyone tell you that isn’t a good enough reason to make yourself at home.

Cities do not belong to whoever has been here longest, or whoever owns the most property, or even whoever makes the decisions. Cities are for the people in the streets. The streets are dirty and hectic and not always pleasant, but to suggest that the people who exist there are somehow enjoying life less than those who spend their lives in high towers avoiding the common experience is a mistake. Humanity happens at street level.

The city can be frustrating when it feels like you don’t have access to everything it has to offer, but it wouldn’t exist at all if it weren’t for people like you. So get out there and make your mark. Book MyClean to keep your space in order while you’re out. You are important and we are glad you’re here! It’s your city, we just clean it.